Verified Gross Mass

Meet the obligatory requirements to verify the gross mass of your cargo containers before loading on a vessel.

什么是集装箱验证重量 (VGM)?

自 2016 年 7 月 1 日起,《国际海上人命安全公约》(Safety of Life at Sea,SOLAS)修订案正式生效,其中包括集装箱称重规定,即托运人必须在装货单截止日期前向承运人和/或港口码头经营人提供集装箱验证重量(Verified Gross Mass,VGM),否则该载货集装箱不予装船。

新规由国际海事组织(International Maritime Organization,简称“IMO”)提出,旨在提高海事安全性,降低整个供应链中货物、集装箱以及集装箱运输所有相关事宜的各种危险。


集装箱验证重量(Verified Gross Mass,VGM)是指包括垫板,支撑等在内的货物总重量,加上装载货物的集装箱皮重所得的重量。 SOLAS 公约规定,货物装船之前,托运人须以随提单补料一同提交或单独提交的方式,在“运输单据”中提供集装箱的 VGM 信息。



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VGM 对您有何影响

Weighing and VGM Transmission Services by Maersk

Meet your one stop shop for accurate and worry-free VGM processing. Maersk now offers end to end VGM processing on your behalf with its Weighing and VGM Transmission Services. Rely on accuracy as we physically weigh your container and its cargo at designated locations. Post which, we instantly transmit your shipments weight information to port terminals. Get peace of mind in one, simple and easy service, currently available in the UK, Poland and Germany (only Bremerhaven Port), but soon to expand to more destinations across the globe.

You now have the option to book Weighing and VGM Transmission Services on the export shipment binder after logging into

Maersk Verified Gross Mass

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Allow us to take a load off your shoulders by trusting in our attention to detail and logistics process expertise.

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Save time
Reduce the need for multiple stopovers with third party vendor
Reduce errors
Reduce errors
No manual transmission of weight data
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Faster processing
Shipment weight information is instantly uploaded
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Reduce penalties and delays due to inaccurate weighing

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