Changing the language of customs services

Redefine trade in and out of Europe by integrating customs into your supply chain.

Creating a gateway to the future of customs in Europe through digitisation

Data is at the very heart of customs. Complete and precise cargo declarations could mean the difference between a shipment reaching its destination on time or spending days or weeks stranded behind red tape. Today, digitisation offers customers the opportunity to streamline their customs procedures by removing the need for extensive physical paperwork.

Through a digitalised setup for import, export and in-transit declarations, customs data can be shared securely and in a timely fashion – ultimately offering better control of this leg of the supply chain.

In his article, Lars Karlsson, Global Head of Trade and Customs Consulting, A.P. Moller - Maersk, stresses the revolutionary role digitisation has played in creating trade superhighways and the opportunities this offers to use technology to share customs data and increase visibility of your cargo as it crosses borders.

End-to-end solutions depiction with customs services integrated into the supply chain.

Customs: A deciding factor of supply chain efficiency

Customs may be only one element of a complicated supply chain, but that’s not to say it isn’t a deciding factor on whether a shipment reaches its destination without additional costs or extended time to market. This is particularly prevalent in operations that depend on multiple vendors – and ultimately has a ripple effect on the rest of the supply chain.

Our infographic ‘Ripple effect of customs in supply chains’ explains how Maersk’s integrated logistics solutions, which include our expert customs services, provide end-to-end visibility and ensure timely measures to counter unexpected disruptions, so your goods get to market on time.

 Customs: A deciding factor of supply chain efficiency

The benefits of integrating with us

Norway’s largest discount variety retailer, Europris, relies on an extensive global network of suppliers and manufacturers to sustain its high inventory turnover. They had been using Maersk’s ocean and air solutions, and now decided to integrate Maersk Customs Services, provided by KGH, into their supply chain setup in order to gain increased visibility and efficiency, and shorter lead times. Using Maersk’s integrated solutions, Europris benefitted from our customs expertise to streamline operations, securely share relevant data with verified parties and ensure their goods made it across borders with ease.

What will integration do for your business?

Pulse rate pictogram
Peace of mind

In the case of a disruption, our internal synergy ensures quick communication between the various elements of your supply chain.

Unmatched Visibility
Reduced costs

Faster coordination across your supply chain keeps your cargo moving and reduces the cost of delays such as D&D, waiting time for trucks, and more.

Digital Complexity
Ease of management

Handle all communication and coordination through a single point of contact.

Lower response times

With early access to accurate information from each element of your supply chain, you can respond to disruptions quicker.

Think total cost of customs

The impact of customs on business is far greater than supply chains tend to realise. In addition to the duties you pay, you must consider the operational cost of complex customs routines, and the extra efforts and risks that come with non-compliance. Further, you need to think of the price of lost opportunities. And to do this, you must look beneath the surface of customs clearance.

Our infographic ‘Think total cost of customs’ helps you dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities waiting to be uncovered.

Total cost of customs - the Iceberg

Helping your business unlock the strategic potential of customs management

Maersk Customs Services welcomed KGH to the family in October 2020 to redefine what customs does for multinationals like you. Whether you’re doing business within Europe or looking to grow and combine several geographies under one customs services provider, our partnership is designed to help you change the narrative of trade within the various levels of your business.

Logos of Maersk and KGH, a Maersk company, signifying the partnership that offers strategic customs services in Europe.

Getting more than daily compliance

Today, seamless customs clearance processes are important for your business, and more importantly, your consumers. KGH’s industry-leading local expertise, combined with our global reach, optimises the cost of duties and ensues agility in the movement of your goods in response to demand. Innovative technology solutions connect customs processes to the rest of your supply chain, enabling end-to-end cargo visibility and control. Our geopolitical experts add further value – influencing your sourcing strategy, entry into new markets, and overall trade performance.

A group of geopolitical experts talking customs and strategy.

Using foresight to keep your goods moving

Whether you’re trying to navigate a trade war, increasing protectionism, changes in trade policy like Brexit, or a black swan event, we make sure that you’re immune to the fallout of uncertainty.

Last year, we helped a leading temperature-controlled logistics provider deliver fresh-cut flowers from the Netherlands to the UK in time for Mother’s Day, despite post-Brexit complexities. To do this, we dedicated a team of experts to their business and in anticipation of the surge in demand, completed the newly required PEACH declarations well in time. We then scaled the team up in the days leading up to Mother’s Day to ensure that border crossing and all customs checks were done efficiently. What’s more, we were able to help them stay ahead of challenges by handling customs at both origin and destination.

In the wake of Brexit, why is customs so critical for your integrated supply chain?

Aligning customs with your growth ambitions

In addition to all the change around us, trade volumes in and out of Europe are increasing. In other words, the need for customs services is growing. Under such circumstances, how do you manage scarce resources, gain greater control, and create the right conditions for your business to thrive?

Shifting customs operations to an expert with 50+ years of local experience will not only help you sleep well at night, it’ll yield better results. To begin with, your margins will enjoy the benefits of our no-compromise approach to risk mitigation and process optimisation. Additionally, with customs management off your shoulders, you’ll be able to focus on other important areas of your business. Over and above that, you can take advantage of our ability to navigate trade politics and contribute to your growth strategy.

A Maersk employee alongside Maersk containers and a truck.

Digitalising operations

One of the many ways KGH’s strategy aligns with Maersk’s is our focus on powerful software and its ability to transform how we do business. Our digital synergies help your teams harmonise, centralise and automate the exchange of customs information and documents. All so that you can optimise trade management.

Simultaneously, our innovative processes and culture of continuous improvement ensure your operations get smarter by the day — reducing manual errors, lowering administration and offline costs, and making customs declarations more efficient.

A person with a laptop using digital platforms to check customs information.

Ensuring produce imports arrive through the right channels

Starting 1 January 2022, the UK government will implement Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS) certification for produce imported from all EU and EEA countries. This gives importers a few short weeks to prepare and submit the required documentation if they want their perishable goods moved across the border in time, without risking their quality or delaying their delivery to store shelves.

Maersk Customs Services and KGH offer expertise in Brexit customs documentation with the IPAFFS Declarations Service, making sure your supply chain runs smoothly and efficiently through the new processes. Our comprehensive customs clearance solution provides oversight of all communications with authorities, handles validation of your Export Health Certificate and reduces the chance of error through automated data flows.

Discover how our IPAFFS solution can help mitigate additional risks and complexities and keep your cargo moving with no interruptions.

Ensuring produce imports arrive

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