Hamburg Süd is now Maersk!

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This page will help you navigate and find the transportation products and logistical services you need. You can also find more information on how your business can benefit from Hamburg Süd uniting with Maersk.

Our customers are at the centre of every decision we make. As Maersk, we can offer you even more tools to meet your supply chain needs.  Going forward, you will have access to our unmatched controlled asset network, with an even greater range of transportation products and logistical services.

Find out more about how a unified Maersk can help you grow.

Booking with Maersk

If you wish to make a new booking with Maersk, you can go straight to our login page.

If you are a Hamburg Süd customer wanting to start booking with Maersk, the first step is to complete our easy registration process for You will receive a verification link by email when you submit the registration form. You should click on this link to complete the registration and receive your login details.

Help navigating

Our Maersk website guide includes detailed instructions for registering and logging in, as well as on making bookings, managing shipments, and finding invoices. You will find most of the information you need here. If you need additional support, please contact our Sales or Customer Experience teams.

Serving you as Maersk

Find out how we can better serve our customers as a united Maersk. Members of our global Sales teams share their perspective.

Contact us

If you don’t find the information you need on this page, please contact our Sales or Customer Experience teams.

They are available to help on any way you need.

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