We would like to inform you that new Inland, Drop-Off and Pick-up tariff rates for Q1 2022 for Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will be available on our websites latest 15th December 2021.

We would like to also give you a brief update on current situation in transportation market forced us to conclude, that inland rates for next year will have to be increased by up to +20% versus current ones, however there will be minor differences depending on specific corridors and modes of transport.

It is always our intention to provide our customers with best possible service at most competitive cost but unfortunately this year we can observe few external factors that are not in our control and to which we have to react in order to keep the service level which you are used to receive.

Main factors observed contributing to inland rate increases.

  • Lack of truck drivers and its impact to wages (inc. Mobility Package)
  • Increase in electricity and oil prices
  • Trucks & chassis price increase
  • High inflation level in the EU zone

Up to date tariff sheets and intermodal terms and conditions can be always found here for each specific country.

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