We would like to inform new process for DO Release process in Surabaya – Terminal Petikemas. Please be informed that starting from vessel TINA I 208S – ETA 17 March 2022, DO Release process will be move to SBS Surabaya Depo and you will need to submit One Time Container Guarantee Letter (CGL) as part of DO Release process at Surabaya Ports.

Container Guarantee Letter serves as One Time Submission document and will be valid as long as Consignee has shipment with Maersk. You may start to proceed for Container Guarantee Letter submission on 7 March 2022 to Seacon Depo Surabaya.

What is Container Guarantee Letter (CGL)?

  • Container Guarantee Letter (CGL) is mandatory document for DO release which replaces other supporting documents such as power of attorney, duty letter, ID card and container guarantee letter per BL
  • It is submitted under Consignee name
  • This letter can accommodate 2 email addresses for E-DO sending in case the container discharges at port without EDI system or container that undergoes Over-brengen and Quarantine process
  • The document should be submitted to SBS Surabaya Depo and can be used after verification process done (1x24 hours since submission done at SBS Surabaya Depo, working hour 09.30 – 15.30)
  • Hardcopy CGL can be submitted to
    Address : Jl Tambak Langon 136, Benowo, Surabaya
    Phone : (031) 749 9649 (Hunting)

Online DO

DO release process in Surabaya Terminal Petikemas will be done using the following rules:

  • Online DO (directly transmit data to terminal) for shipment with discharging port at Surabaya Terminal Petikemas and consignee will receive email notification to mail address as per data on CGL along with the PIN Number
  • E-D0 (PDF will be sent to customer emails as per CGL) for shipment which undergoes Over-brengen or Quarantine
  • You may find the template for Container Guarantee and Document Receipt Form on Maersk Website – Container Guarantee Letter (CGL)

    You may access MDDC - Surabaya using below link and you do not need to sign in to access all the information.

    • Starting with vessel TINA I 208S – ETA 17 March 2022, you may visit MDDC with this link
    • While for Import Shipment before vessel TINA I 208S – ETA 17 March 2022, the information will still accessible from link : Core samudera or Coins samudera

    Dropbox DO Release

    By applying CGL, DO release can be done using Dropbox method

    • For Seaway Bill and Telex Release : No document needs to be submitted, E-DO (DO in pdf format) will be released once payment confirmed and E-D0 will be sent to customer emails as per CGL)
    • For Original Bill of Lading (OBL) : 1 set of endorsed OBL along with document receipt form can be surrendered to SBS Surabaya Depo prior vessel arrival. DO will be released once payment confirmed and OBL received
    • For Overbrengen and Quarantine : Request E-DO for Customs Purpose via MDDC. Step: Go to MDDC - DO Release – Surabaya – Find your BL Number – Request E-DO

    Should you have any question or concern please do not hesitate to contact us at +62 21 5093 9470 or email id.import@maersk.com.









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