Business ethics

Our compliance and anti-corruption measures play a vital role as we work to protect the value we create for our customers, our investors and society.

Why business ethics matters

Corruption is considered one of our key compliance risks. It distorts opportunities for social and economic development and destabilises the business environment. It also adds to the cost of doing business while affecting external confidence and company morale.

Our ocean and logistics activities face corruption risks, primarily in the form of facilitation payments at ports and borders. For terminals, risks may arise during negotiations on concessions, or agreements to build and operate terminals as part of a country's infrastructure.

Our ambition

We aim to contribute to eliminating corruption in the industries in which we are active. Through multistakeholder collaboration and actions within our operations, we aim to stay best-in-industry, go beyond minimum legal requirements, and meet the highest international standards when operating in jurisdictions with high exposure to corruption, sanctions and export controls.
Business ethics

Our targets

Employees (in scope) trained in the Maersk Code of Conduct by 2023 and 2024.
Bi-annual compliance and business ethics risk assessments covering 100% of our operations and continued implementation of the related risk mitigation measures mitigating any identified risks.

Highlights in 2023

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92% of employees trained in Maersk Code of Conduct
Challenges in reaching all employee groups remain, we are working to close this gap with a goal of 100% completion in 2024.
Manages risk and unpredictability
96% completion of 2023 global risk assessment
Our third Global Risk Assessment, rolled out to all active entities to monitor compliance risks rates.
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Launch of new compliance tool
A new internal tool to digitalize compliance approvals and operations, share knowledge, and further increase data insights and monitoring.

Priorities and actions

We manage our business ethics risks through our compliance programme and collective actions to fight corruption and ultimately eliminate facilitation payments.

Prioritising business ethics in our ESG strategy broadens our perspective on business ethics to encompass the responsibilities, opportunities and risks related to our work promoting sustainable trade and a better society.


Global compliance risk assessments

  • Compliance risk assessments are continually conducted across our whole company. The results help us define meaningful measures to mitigate risk and prioritise resources for training, transaction testing, and spot checks in our highest-risk areas.
Strategy compliance

Supporting a speak up culture

  • Maersk nurtures a ‘speak up’ up culture where employees are encouraged to voice concerns. They can also use our whistleblower system. Our zero-tolerance, non-retaliation policy is enshrined in the Maersk Code of Conduct.
  • We invest in upskilling and training out investigators to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our investigations.
Supply chain technology

Action on supply chain risks

  • We manage risks through our Third Party Management Process, which focuses on integrity issues relating to third parties interacting with officials or procuring business on our behalf, and our Sustainable Procurement programme.
  • We perform integrity due diligence on all our agents, joint venture partners, key suppliers and M&A targets prior to signing a contract or entering a new market.

Featured highlights and case stories

Maersk Code of Conduct

Our expectations towards our employees are clearly expressed in the Maersk Code of Conduct and Maersk Commit Anti-Corruption Rules and guidelines. These cover rules on travel, meals, hospitality, gifts and entertainment.

All employees must complete annual training on our Code of Conduct, and mandatory training on anti-corruption and sanctions. We carry out transaction testing and spot checks on an ongoing basis to identify and address risks or gaps.

Maersk Code of Conduct

Sustainability Report 2023

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.




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