We actively support societies and communities where we operate. This responsibility is grounded in our Core Values and expected by our key stakeholders.

Why citizenship matters

Logistics services play a vital role in many crisis situations. From environmental clean-ups and natural disasters to food shortages and humanitarian emergencies, logistics is the means to get help where it is needed.

But the most urgent challenges demand concerted action. That’s why we partner with civil society actors, our industry peers, academia, local authorities and communities to build capacity, prepare emergency responses and support action on the ground.

Our ambition

We engage in global partnerships that leverage Maersk assets and skills to make an impact in prioritised areas aligned with our business and sustainability goals. We support local communities and partners with donations and social investments in accordance with our corporate guidelines.


Our targets

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Continue engagement and partnership with the Logistics Emergency Teams
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Leverage partnership platforms to promote employee engagement
document realiablity
Improve documentation and disclosure of donations activities and impact

Highlights in 2023

USD 2.5 million contributions to humanitarian aid
Maersk contributed financial and in-kind support to humanitarian crises around the world in 2023.

Consolidation source containers
400+ Containers donated to earthquake victims
Support for victims of Türkiye’s devastating earthquakes, including retrofitted containers to house displaced families.

Commitment to Sustainability
Ongoing partnership with the ocean cleanup
Maersk’s continued support of The Ocean Cleanup to rid the world’s oceans and major rivers of plastic pollution.

Priorities and actions

We take active responsibility for the societies and ecosystems where we operate. This commitment is grounded in our Core Values and the expectations of our key stakeholders. We prioritise specific causes to focus our efforts.
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Humanitarian relief
Customised solutions
Empowering for trade
Commitment to Sustainability
Protecting the natural environment and oceans
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Education and training
Star care
Health and safety
COVID-19-related donations

Featured highlights and case stories

Contributing to humanitarian aid

Maersk has established a central donation facility through the Danish Red Cross to make it easier for employees to contribute financially to relief efforts and to enhance transparency and due diligence.

In 2023, Maersk employees donated over USD 79,000 through this facility to support earthquake victims in Türkiye and Syria, which the company matched.

Contributing to humanitarian aid

Cleaning up during Go Green week

As part of the company’s annual Go Green week, coinciding with the World Ocean and Environment Days, employees in every region and 35+ countries participated in local clean-up activities (e.g., beaches, streets, natural reserves, etc.) and reforestation activities (e.g., tree plantings).

Corporate and local activities during the week engaged colleagues on environmental topics to raise awareness while connecting with families of our colleagues, communities, local stakeholders such as NGOs and schools, and customers.

Cleaning up during Go Green week

Sustainability Report 2023

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.




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