Diversity, equity and inclusion

To work at Maersk is to work with the world. We commit to ensuring that every Maersk employee feels equally included and valued for who they are and what they contribute.

Working with us

Diversity inspires us, our culture connects us. 

Our modern, inclusive workplaces are filled with amazing individuals who share our values and vision to go all the way.

If you want to work for a truly diverse, inclusive and innovative workplace please check out our job offers.

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Why diversity, equity and inclusion matter

Respect for diversity is a core value at Maersk, and it is a basic responsibility not to discriminate against any of our employees. Discrimination bars people from living up to their full potential, creates inequality and less stable and prosperous societies.

We also need diversity of thought to continue to improve and develop our business. Facilitating a culture where everyone feels comfortable, respected and fairly treated will help us gain access to a larger, more diverse pool of talent.

Why diversity equity and inclusion matter

Our diversity targets: 2025


Women in management (+ specific targets by level)


Diverse nationality of executives

Our ambition

We want to facilitate diversity of thought and create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, where employees feel able to bring their whole selves to work and contribute their fullest. A key priority is to foster gender diversity.

Diversity equity and inclusion

Priorities and actions

We focus on diversity, understood as ‘who is in the room'; inclusion, which looks at 'how we create a sense of belonging for all the people in the room'; and equity, exploring ‘who is trying to get into the room, but cannot’. Progress in these areas depends on our will and ability to locate the barriers that may prevent individuals from joining Maersk.

Prioritising diversity as a core ESG commitment

Our work to embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in Maersk remain driven by our Values and the need to attract and retain talented employees. To sharpen and operationalise our focus, we have made DEI a special priority in our ESG strategy.

We value the fact that our employees hold us accountable for our actions and policies to protect and further the rights of groups that experience discrimination in society. We are also working to meet the expectations of customers, investors and benchmarking agencies, who are increasingly interested in how we are securing DEI in our business.

Action on gender representation

We have set new targets for gender representation at all management levels, to be achieved by 2025. The targets are split by business area and anchored in our Executive Leadership Team to ensure accountability.

Targets are partnered with recommended actions for attraction, retention and inclusion. New requirements are established for documentation of women considered by executive search providers, and new processes to drive early identification of female talent.

Our target for representation of women on the Board of Directors was met in 2021.

Maersk Sustainability Report 2021

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