So you are on the inside, right? One of those who are in the know.

You are amongst roughly half of our customers, who know that Maersk besides shipping containers across the oceans, also has a comprehensive inland offering, where we can transport your goods via train or truck.

You know the numbers by heart: that Maersk yearly does upwards of five million inland transports for more than 25.000 customers, including the world’s largest and most recognised brands. And that we do it in 150 countries across the entire globe.

Fewer brokers, less hassle

You are well aware that at Maersk we are not only serving you by transporting your containers at sea. That when your cargo reaches port, Maersk is the connection between your local and global supply chain. That our rail services are configured to our vessels’ schedules, ensuring fast, inland delivery.

You are on the phone with your Maersk sales rep and it’s top of mind that when discussing your ocean transports, it will save you time, money and paperwork, if you consider adding land transportation to and from the warehouse. Rather than having to add inland transportation two days before your cargo reaches port and having to go looking for a different broker, you tell your logistics colleagues that this is much easier to book everything at the same time with the same partner. And that in doing so, you are working with the +2.500 inland suppliers, all approved and verified by our supplier standards. And on top of this, Maersk has experienced local product managers on the ground, ensuring the best solution for your supply chain.

You capture the room with stories about the sensibility in countering bottlenecks and disruptions by distributing your company’s goods and supply chain by ship, train and truck. Through this you are building resilience into your company’s supply chain and even when faced with congestions and irregularities on one string, you will still have goods to sell.

Logistics as an opportunity for growth

You know that you can create opportunities for your company by knowing all of this. That by building a resilient supply chain across sea, track and road you put logistics in the driver’s seat as an enabler of growth. That – if not known before – the last 18 months have taught you the necessity of building a durable, agile supply chain with end-to-end visibility that can quickly match supply with demand. And that the best way to do this is with a trusted partner, who you can plan with.

This is why we call ourselves the integrator of global logistics. And we are ready to plan your end-to-end logistics needs with you, ALL THE WAY.

You know this, right?

Anything you need, we’re here to help