Visy, a global leader in the packaging, paper and resource recovery industries, opts for Maersk’s ECO Delivery product in Oceania. Visy aims to cut emissions through efficiency and investment in renewables and clean energy, reduce waste to landfill and through efficient use of water. Visy also aims to reduce the company's carbon footprint in transportation, currently making it Maersk’s largest ECO Delivery customer in Oceania.

We have been a pioneer in sustainability since our inception, as this sits at the center of our operating model. Using Maersk ECO Delivery in our shipping transport will lead to a more sustainable supply chain and help us actively minimize the impact on the environment.

Sean Richards
Executive General Manager of Visy Global Logistics
Maersk’s low emission ECO Delivery product is an Ocean transport customer offering that uses green biofuels, which reduces CO2 emissions by more than 80%. This product provides direct carbon savings rather than carbon offsetting, as with the use of biofuel, the savings have already been achieved.

We are pleased to partner with Visy to work towards a more sustainable future. ECO Delivery is the most sustainable ocean product available today, and we have seen the customer demand for sustainable transport drives exponential growth and we expect more customers to opt for this solution. The cooperation with Visy is a great step forward in decarbonising shipping operations in Oceania.

Lee Sissons
Regional Head of Ocean Management, Maersk Asia Pacific

Since its introduction in 2019, customer demand for Maersk ECO Delivery has grown more than 170% year-on-year. Earlier this year, Oceania customers, such as Queensland Magnesia (QMAG) and OBE Organic, have chosen this green solution to decarbonise their supply chains.

About Visy

Visy is a leading, privately owned packaging and resource recovery company, with more than 120 sites across Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and trading offices across Asia, Europe and the USA. Please check the website for more details.

About A.P. Moller - Maersk

A.P. Moller - Maersk is an integrated container logistics company working to connect and simplify customers’ supply chains. As a global leader in container logistics services, the company employs approximately 95.000 people and operates in 130 countries. Please check the website for more details.

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Bonnie Hui Huang
Summer Shi
Senior Press Officer, Asia Pacific, Maersk
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