How Maersk enhanced a golf apparel brand's logistics with innovative solutions to streamline operations and cut costs.

The customer - Striving to stay ahead of the competition

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the sportswear industry, where agility and efficiency are paramount, companies like Abacus continually strive to stay ahead. As a prominent player in the golf apparel industry, Abacus recognised the importance of optimising its supply chain operations to maintain a competitive edge. In this pursuit, Abacus embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionise its warehouse management and streamline core business processes.

Business partners working together at the warehouse

The problem - Hazards of the game for Abacus

The existing warehouse system faced disruptions and delays, hindering the seamless flow of inventory. Moreover, the digital infrastructure lacked the necessary optimisation for customs processes, resulting in inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

Recognising the need for a strategic overhaul, Abacus sought a solution that would eliminate bottlenecks in handling and enhance inventory capacity, all while ensuring compliance with stringent customs regulations.

Two workers standing and conversing in a warehouse

The solution - Optimised operations and inventory management

Maersk stepped in with a bonded warehouse solution tailored to Abacus' needs. The solution automatically handled both cleared and uncleared goods, optimising the use of the customs warehouse so that it always chooses the correct customs procedure. Additionally, it eliminated stops in inventory management.

Implemented as a Software as a Service (SaaS), the solution seamlessly integrated with Abacus' operations, minimising disruption and simplifying compliance with government requirements.

Stock of operator working inside warehouse

The results - Abacus sets up for success with Maersk

Maersk's bonded warehouse solution enabled Abacus to optimize customs procedures, improve inventory management efficiency, and increase inventory capacity.

By automating processes and providing enhanced integration possibilities, Maersk's solution addressed Abacus' immediate needs and positioned them for future growth and regulatory compliance.

Working with Maersk saves us time, reduces administration and allows us to focus on our core business.

Christian Ståhlbrandt
Warehouse & Logistics Manager
Save cost time pictogram

Time and cost savings

Significant reductions in time, money and handling costs.
Customer service

Enhanced delivery security

Improved delivery security and customer service.

Future-proof compliance

Compliant with evolving government requirements.
Software as a service pictogram

Cost-efficient SaaS model

Long-term cost benefits with zero maintenance costs.

Abacus Sportswear has successfully transformed its customs processes, realising tangible benefits in operational efficiency and cost savings. By embracing innovation and partnership, Abacus is well-positioned to navigate future challenges seamlessly.

Maersk: A partnership that takes you forward

At Maersk, we offer tailored warehousing solutions designed to streamline your supply chain and boost efficiency. Our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technologies optimise inventory management, enhance delivery speed, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ready to revolutionise your logistics? Discover how Maersk’s customised solutions can propel your operations forward.









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