The movement towards sustainable logistics and supply chain operations has gained pace in recent months. Many political agendas, organisational agreements and company pledges have moved forward from simply making promises to taking action.

The big question is: what can businesses do now to streamline current operations and plan for a sustainable future that is operationally and financial maintainable?

Listen to Kaisa Tikk, Senior Global Sustainability Advisor at Maersk, discussing this important topic with industry experts from Unilever, Bain & Company and HERE Technologies.
  • The importance of digitalisation and data management throughout supply chains.
  • The most effective ways to optimise your current infrastructure capabilities to manage short-term sustainability goals.
  • The potential of new logistics initiatives around electrification of fleets; assessing the infrastructural changes required to make this a reality.
  • How best to leverage supply chain visibility solutions to drive more sustainable business operations, limiting waste in supply chain processes and maximising capacity usage, along with route optimisation and ETAs to lower CO2 emissions.


  • Michelle Grose, Vice President Global Logistics, Unilever
  • Gerry Mattios, Partner, Bain & Company
  • Kirk Mitchell, Vice President APAC Corporate Director, HERE Technologies
  • Kaisa Tikk, Senior global sustainability advisor at Maersk

About Kaisa:

Kaisa Tikk
Kaisa Tikk
Senior global sustainability advisor at Maersk

Kaisa Tikk has been working with Maersk for the past 10+ years, most recently in the role of a Senior Global Sustainability Advisor. She is responsible for engaging with Maersk´s top 200 customers to support them in meeting their sustainability ambitions in logistics through developing new commercial opportunities and products. This involves engaging with customers on decarbonising their shipping by using Maersk ECO Delivery – a biofuel alternative available today – or improving emissions visibility through the Emissions Dashboard.

Prior to joining Maersk, Kaisa worked for IBM, supporting the commercialisation of Green IT services.

Kaisa completed her Master’s degree in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School, where she has also been an external lecturer, teaching about the role of sustainability and shipping in global value chains.

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