As part of the Consumer Goods Forum, the Sustainable Retail Summit was held on the 13th and 14th of October, 2021. The focus was to share how companies are taking positive actions to drive change and overcome today’s biggest sustainability challenges. It brought member companies from all over the world to take part in this 2-day virtual event.

Mads Stensen, Sustainability Development Manager, discussed our top sustainability priority: Decarbonization of shipping, and the need for collaboration with customers and partners to achieve this goal in the near future.

About Mads Stensen

Mads Stensen
Mads Stensen
Sustainability Development Manager

Mads has been working with Maersk for the past 13 years, in different sustainability roles over the years. Most recently in the role of a Senior Global Sustainability Advisor being responsible for Maersk’s customer sustainability value proposition and establishing close collaboration with Maersk´s top 200 customers to support them in meeting their sustainability ambitions in logistics as well as drive sustainability progress in Maersk. This involves direct engagement with customers and colleagues in co-development of new sustainability and decarbonization concepts and solutions, an example is the development and scaling of the Maersk ECO Delivery – a low carbon biofuel transport alternative which is available today.

Mads holds a master in Environment Engineering, but despite his technical background in engineering he works with strategic issues, sales, communication and sustainable business development in logistics.

Learn more about our commitments on decarbonisation here.

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