As an integrated logistics company, we at Maersk pride ourselves on forging paths for our customers’ growth and success. Through forward-thinking, planning and execution, we work closely with our customers to keep them informed, whilst offering an innovative approach to simplifying and optimising their supply chains. We constantly seek out new modes of overcoming obstacles and mitigating environmental hurdles, so we can support our customers as they create unique and enjoyable experiences for their customers.

Forging innovation with Electrolux

Together, we’re stronger

One great example of close collaboration is our longstanding partnership with Electrolux, a leading global appliance company. Renowned for their dedication to creating products that reinvent taste, care and wellbeing experiences, Electrolux is always striving to be at the forefront of sustainability in society through their solutions and operations.

Through the pandemic and the challenges wrought by its knock-on effects, Maersk has continued to serve and optimise Electrolux’s supply chain through our unique product offering. Through a collaborative approach, we developed multi-year transportation solutions addressing the much-needed flexibility in Ocean space, focusing on sustainable end-to-end logistics.

Hard work pays off

Whilst we at Maersk are always striving to improve our customer’s supply chains, we deeply appreciate when our customers feel we’ve done a good job. As such, we are humbled to accept Electrolux’s Operational Excellence Award in the critical category of Service Provider.

Maersk has been recognised for their key contributions within the Electrolux supply chain, and their commitment to quality and high performance in delivering products that help Electrolux remain a leader when it comes to sustainability.

Peter Truyens,
Chief Purchasing Officer, Electrolux

Awarded to Maersk by Electrolux for providing the highest service quality and enabling innovation for great consumer experiences, Maersk is recognised for its key contributions to the Electrolux supply chain. Additionally, Maersk has supported Electrolux in continuously improving, acting sustainably and accelerating digitalisation, and has, according to Electrolux, served “well in a very challenging market by providing capacity above contracted volumes for critical shipping lanes at competitive rates.”

In Electrolux we have a great partner where priorities align well, and we are enthusiastic to be awarded in this critical category. Supply chains require a closer look and focus on resilience, flexibility and reducing exposure to local and global disruptions, where operational excellence is a key backbone for us. The award reflects the efforts the team puts in every day to provide Electrolux with dynamic and sustainable supply chain solutions as a modern logistics company. We look forward to continuing and further expanding with them on this journey.

Manuel Olberding,
Global Head of Technology Vertical, Maersk

Logistic prowess in face of challenges

The fact that this award is received in very difficult operating conditions, is not lost on us. Throughout this year we have doubled down and gone to great lengths to minimise further disruption to our customers’ businesses, despite extremely trying supply chain challenges. Whilst we haven’t always succeeded in what we wanted to achieve, we continue to strive to become the best partner to our customers.

Our teams are here to support your business and future growth ambitions, so if you have not already, please feel free to reach out to our local teams to learn what we can do for you and your logistics.

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