Be prepared for the shopping season and overcome supply chain challenges.

Consumers are always looking for the best deal. It’s no wonder then that in 2021, Black Friday was the top holiday for online shopping across Europe, with around 31% of e-shoppers saying they would use the opportunity to bag a great deal.

According to Integral Ad Science, 59% of consumers in Europe plan their holiday shopping before November, with 73% of young shoppers saying they would prefer if brands released holiday deals earlier.

With buyers looking to stock up on gifts and large purchases, you need to ensure that your e-commerce supply chain is equipped to take on the annual surge in demand.

End-to-end support for seamless operations

Supply chains, previously built to service bulk orders delivered to a single (or a few) locations, are finding it difficult to keep up with the current surge in e-commerce demand. Today’s online shopper wants more than just a quality product at a great price. They expect variety, fast and flexible delivery and convenient returns – factors that shape a supply chain and are key in deciding the success of an e-commerce business.

In 2021, during the Black Friday sales, 45% of shoppers said their online orders took too long to arrive, with nearly 32% saying they felt their parcels were not delivered quickly enough.

Timely shipments of cargo need to be supported by a consumer-facing inventory management system, multiple fulfilment centres located near all key markets, and last-mile support. Is your supply chain ready for the peak season and all the challenges that come with it? What will it take for your business to overhaul its supply chain in a manner that meets demand and exceeds consumer expectations?

How to build a customer-first supply chain

How to build a customer-first supply chain

Together with Dr Julian Dragendorf, Partner, McKinsey & Company, and Michael Skobierski, Manager, International Supply Chain and Projects, Desigual, Maersk tackles the most pressing issues for e-commerce logistics in 2022. Explore real-life examples and stories from some of the biggest e-commerce players to gain a wealth of practical advice on how to react, adapt and continually scale. Read more in our article.

What will it take for your supply chain to go from B2B to D2C?

What will it take for your supply chain to go from B2B to D2C?

Explore how an extensive fulfilment network, real-time data flow and seamless last-mile delivery can help your business overhaul its supply chain in a manner that meets demand and exceeds consumer expectations. Find out more

Logistics for direct-to-consumer

Logistics for direct-to-consumer

The right supply chain partner can help brands move to a D2C model by ensuring they present their consumers with the right products at the right place and time. Learn how to build a true direct-to-consumer business.

Now is the time to plan a strategy that ensures your D2C business can handle the surge in orders along with any disruptions that might arise. Discover Maersk’s E-Commerce Logistics services here, or have our experts get in contact with you by filling out the web form below.

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