E-Commerce Logistics

Online shopping has allowed all brands to quickly expand across the four corners of the world. Maersk has the scale to ensure you can place goods at consumers' doorsteps, anytime, anywhere.

The future of E-Commerce Logistics

E-Commerce Logistics is currently undergoing a transformation. It has evolved from being a mere footnote to a primary part of every business strategy. In addition, retailers are quickly increasing their focus on adapting to omnichannel sales and delivery models. This resilient approach requires having end-to-end supply chain transparency which is crucial for adapting to these changes.

In this video, Casey Adams, Head of E-Commerce Logistics for Maersk North America and James Herman, Chief Commercial Officer at Visible SCM – A Maersk Company, discuss the changes in E-Commerce Logistics and how Maersk is committed to helping you deliver your goods regardless of the season.

Growth success depends on your omni-channel strategy

With 25% of retail sales predicted to come from the online channel by 2025, companies need more than ever to align their supply chain with their consumers' demand. Maersk completes the supply chain circle by offering B2C e-commerce solutions. Whether you are an existing customer or not, you can now take advantage of the omni-channel revolution with the addition of Maersk's E-Commerce Logistics services to your supply chain.

Maersk provides the complete logistics ecosystem

If you are an existing Maersk customer

You might be wondering how Maersk can create even more value for your flow of goods. You most likely manage your B2B with Maersk's Supply Chain Management or import your goods with Maersk Ocean and Customs solutions.

If you are not an existing Maersk customer

You would probably like to simplify your supply chain by combining your B2B and B2C management with one logistics provider. This would allow you to focus on customer retention and product growth.

Lifestyle digital solutions

How we help you grow online


We allow you to reach new markets with minimum capital for online sales.


We handle all the preparations for the global shopping festivals, allowing you to focus on selling to a concentrated consumer base.

Freight forwarding

Get constant updates on your shipments or allow us to send you the data to your own platform.

The e-commerce revolution

When one customer wanted to expand into the China B2C market, but was worried about how to forecast such an expansive market, they looked to Maersk to manage their fulfilment and delivery from their newly created online store on Tmall. From there, the growth has been the envy of many other customers. How will you capitalize on this revolution?

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