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The customer

Our client, Global Logistics Company, is a logistics operator with headquarters in Barranquilla, Colombia. Founded on 16 July 2018, Global Logistics Company offers its clients national and international maritime, air and land transportation options. They have strategic alliances to cover Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East, and North America.

The company serves more than 200 clients worldwide, with a loading potential of 30 to 40 40-foot containers per week from different loading ports. However, to meet the requirements demanded by the industry in the current global situation, they needed a reliable partner to help them.

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The challenge

The logistics challenges in recent years have been enormous. Every day, companies face new situations that require them to adapt continuously. These include space and equipment availability for its cargo, the need for greater flexibility, visibility, competitive rates, and efficient handling of cargo.

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The solution

Since its launch in 2019, Maersk Spot has evolved to meet the needs of our customers. In the case of Global Logistics Company, Maersk Spot provided a logistics solution to guarantee spaces and equipment for the company’s end customers, optimised their operations, offered greater visibility and control of their shipments, and all this with competitive rates. In addition, Maersk Spot helped with its logistic operations during unforeseen situations, resulting in higher productivity, cost savings and effective loss mitigation.

What the team at Global Logistics Company says:

Spot for us means access to competitive rates and spaces instantly, which help us as an agency to respond to the client in the shortest possible time, allowing us to have profitable, efficient operations with great space availability.

Jeisson Fernandez, General Manager.
— Jeisson Fernandez, General Manager.

I would define Spot in these two words ‘Experience Simplicity’. For us, Maersk Spot is revolutionary! It allows us to make purchases online in just five steps. And when comparing Spot with other shipping lines, we realise that what we do with Maersk in 1 minute takes us much longer on other platforms.

Yaroslay Márquez, Pricing.
— Yaroslay Márquez, Pricing.

Spot has many benefits, and among them, we would like to highlight that, as an agent, it allows us to know and obtain the final cost in advance. When the client requests rates or reservation information, it lets us know the value of the all-inclusive operation without last-minute charges. This allows us to reduce the supply chain times for our customers. The biggest advantage is that it allows us to search for and obtain very competitive rates at any time of the day with guaranteed spaces. In short, Spot is revolutionary.

Daniel Martinez, Sales.
— Daniel Martinez, Sales.

Spot means instant access. Maersk Spot makes it easier for the customer to obtain first-hand and complete online summary of the goods' arrivals, departures, and available transit times. Now the cargo can be moved with a few clicks.

Milton Ramos, Quality.
— Milton Ramos, Quality.
Maersk employees Team in boardroom

The result

Thanks to this close alliance, Global Logistics Company increased its productivity and market share in 2021. They managed to penetrate new markets and satisfy their customers worldwide, showing them that there are no barriers when moving their cargo.

Global Logistics expects that this alliance with Maersk and using Maersk Spot will allow them to grow its business without worrying about logistics since it has a leading partner that will provide experience and efficiency in its operations.









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