In testing times, there’s a need for retail and lifestyle businesses to build resilience, and logistics must be part of the solution.

For European businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences are just one strand of a complex web of challenges. Geo-political movements, new tariffs and regulations, capacity constraints, and fluctuating demand all add to an unpredictable trading landscape.

Dedicated logistics and procurement professionals worked hard to get their businesses through the supply chain disruptions of 2020 and 2021, but in this new paradigm, it’s the right time to re-evaluate operations.

Overcome supply chain challenges through collaboration

The Economist’s Intelligence Unit interviewed 450 retail, lifestyle, and FMCG supply chain executives, and their research showed that European organisations are facing challenges around meeting fluctuating demand, poor flexibility, and the high customer expectations that go with that. Is there more value in working directly with one partner that can help integrate each step of the supply chain?

With the right strategic partnership, companies get access to valuable expertise in specific regions, products and offering, and technologies to optimise their supply chain from end to end, build resilience, and mitigate risks.  

Download the report below to discover how. 

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