Warehousing and Distribution services in North America

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Maersk has acquired North America’s leading warehousing and distribution provider, Performance Team to strengthen its capabilities as an integrated container logistics company, offering end-to-end supply chain solutions. Whether you need to scale up or down more efficiently across seasons, minimize investment risks, or lower operational costs, it provides all the answers. Maersk’s Warehousing and Distribution services for North America are designed to serve storage, fulfilment, distribution, and inland transportation needs. The regional operational efficiency will let you focus on a superior consumer experience.

Maersk's global network of shared operations helps optimize supply chains and keep cargo moving, from manufacturing to customers' doorsteps.

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The warehousing and distribution component of landside supply chains is becoming increasingly important as businesses seek to improve their competitiveness, control inventory management, and improve the consumer experience. It is the best control valve for the flow of goods to regional distribution centers, stores, and consumers.
Cargo Sorting

Your sourcing needs demand a strategically located warehouse, enabling efficient transportation of your materials and goods. Our warehousing solutions allow you to optimize your landside movements and container loads, offering proximity to ports, along with the added benefit of being located in free trade zones.

Our strategically located deconsolidation facilities enable us to efficiently move products to designated locations while decreasing costs and increasing speed to market. The combination of automated and manual facilities makes it easier to off-load, sort, segregate, and load products for multiple destinations.
When you need to pick, pack, and fulfill orders close to market, a fulfilment center is the ideal solution. These facilities handle receipt, storage, pick and pack, and order fulfilment, and are supported by industry-leading Inventory Management Systems. Infrastructure goes from regional to domestic distribution centers. 

How Maersk Warehousing and Distribution can help your business achieve growth 


Integrated IT systems

Integrated IT systems have revolutionized the way businesses manage their supply chain processes by providing real-time visibility and control over inventory, logistics, and operations.

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Warehouse Location

Proximity to key locations

Maersk can offer warehouses near consumers and stock them in advance to reduce delivery times. By strategically investing in infrastructure and expanding our port coverage, we can help expedite your deliveries while also reducing your capital expenditure.

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Ship Location

Global integrated logistics network

Our well-established global brand presence and extensive network mean we have facilities ready to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination, anywhere across North America. By combining our ocean, air, and road transportation services with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution that we can tailor to fit your specific business requirements.

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Flexibility to scale up or down based on demand

Whether you need to scale up or down more efficiently across seasons, minimise investment risks, or lower operational costs, our warehousing and distribution experts are here to align with your business objectives and delivering value to your operations.

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Competitive pricing for expert services

Relying on multiple vendors for your warehousing and distribution needs can expose you to various risks such as delayed, lost, or damaged goods. Simplify your operations by choosing a single point of contact backed by teams of experts to ensure cost-efficient and speedy deliveries. With Maersk's combined offering of warehousing and transport, you get all the benefits of an extensive warehouse and distribution setup, without the hassles. 

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