Today, consumers are very conscious of the products they buy. They want to play a role in protecting planet Earth and avoid brands that don't share the same values or walk the talk. As a result, Lifestyle, Retail, and FMCG brands with a strong narrative around sustainable products and processes are growing in popularity.

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Can cold chain logistics support sustainability strategies and goals?

Listen to industry experts from Henkel and PepsiCo talk about sustainable supply chain operations together with Kaisa Tikk, Senior Global Sustainability Advisor at A.P. Moller-Maersk.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Embrace the challenge to find the solutions: Explore how your business can most effectively ascertain the scope of requirements and innovate across supply chain operations, processes, and partnerships to deliver tangible and timely results that contribute to industry-critical demands and deadlines.
  • Embed sustainability into your culture and operations: Discover the benefits that a companywide mindset shift, led by senior management, will have on the impact of supply chain sustainability improvements. Learn how this shift will help expedite the implementation of new practices such as improved waste reduction, upgraded circular models and digitally enabled capabilities to empower your departments within cold chain logistics.
  • Engage your suppliers with your vision and targets: Maximise your sustainability endeavours by focusing on your supplier and partner operations, communicating your targets directly and collaborating closely to increase transparency across your network and drive ongoing improvements towards long-term performance goals.