Integrated logistics

Everything we own has most likely travelled across oceans and lands as part of the big, intricate puzzle game that is logistics. To make this flow easier, an integrated logistics model where all systems are interconnected needs to be the new normal.

Can this be achieved?

How we help

Truly integrated logistics reduces complexity by providing an all-in-one solution where your business only has to deal with one partner to service all your supply chain needs from start to finish.

This is how we help: by connecting all pieces of the logistics puzzle, your supply chain will be interlinked, digitally advanced, and sustainably managed from end to end. With Maersk’s integrated logistics solutions, you gain access to the tools, expertise, and resources to revolutionise your supply chain, making it future-proof.

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Proof is in the numbers

Across oceans, ports, air, and land, our global trade network reaches every corner of the world.

countries of operation, calling on 500+ ports
warehouses in 50+ countries
air freight destinations

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No matter your industry, Maersk offers global and local solutions to enable small and large businesses to realise the full potential of their supply chain.

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